THE BARBER STYLE CUT $20 | Standard cut, complete with neck shave.
THE BARBER STYLE CUT & BEARD TRIM $30 | Cut with shampoo and clippered beard trim.
THE BARBER STYLE CUT & FULL SHAVE $35 | Cut with shampoo and old fashioned straight razor shave.
THE SHORT CUT $25 | Shoulder-length or shorter, includes a shampoo and style.
THE LONG CUT $35 | Longer than shoulder-length, includes a shampoo and style.
THE KID'S CUT $16 | Ages 10 and under.


THE CLIPPERED BEARD SHAPING $10 | Standard beard trim, shape-up, or clippered shave service.
THE STRAIGHT EDGED BEARD SHAPING $15 | Your elevated beard trim with a straight edged shave.
THE NECK SHAVE OR SHAPE UP $6 | Now there's no excuse to not stay fresh.
DESIGN LINES $10+ | Cool lotus or awesome lines, swirls, or zig-zags? Prices vary depending on design.


THE GREY BLEND $25 | Add 'more pepper to your salt' and only takes 10 minutes.
THE ALL OVER COLOR $50+ | Prices dependent on hair length.
THE HIGHLIGHT $75+ | Prices dependent on hair length.
THE REGROWTH $40+ | Prices dependent on hair length.
THE FASHION $80+ | Prices dependent on style as well as hair length.


BROWS $12 | Fix those brows, get them touched up, or just freshen up your look!
ANY FACIAL AREA $10 | Get rejuvenated with our waxing service!
WAX PACKAGE $36 | Brows, upper lip, chin, or any facial area of your choice waxed at a discounted price.


EXTENSION OR DREADLOCK CONSULTATION FREE | Schedule your free consultation today.
CUSTOMIZED EXTENSION OR DREADLOCK PLACEMENT $175+ | We'll install and customize it to you. Price is dependent on extension length and amount of extensions to place.
EXTENSION MOVE-UP $90 | For those who already have extensions and need their extensions moved up.
$50+ | Prices dependent on time booked.
MAN WEAVE | Hair pieces for men coming soon.

DISCOUNTS Available for seniors and active military.